Friday, May 18, 2012

Update On Isabel!

I was just browsing through different websites for waiting children like I do most nights and was so surprised when I saw Isabel had a new photo on my favorite site Reece's Rainbow! I don't know how "new" it is since I've been slacking a little in advocating department for her. Look at her now! She has grown so much since her last photo, I don't know how she keeps getting cuter and cuter!
There is also a little update from a family who met her back in March of 2012. "Isabel and Holly are together in the same group. She is small for her age, not walking yet, but the caregivers are working on helping her stand and she takes steps holding their hands. She is a very happy, sweet, gentle personality. She enjoyed our time interacting and responded well to being hugged and held in my arms. She is tiny for her age but looks healthy overall."

To read more about this adorable little girl I love so much or to donate to her grant CLICK THIS.

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