Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday ~ Brent

I have slacked for the last few weeks on my Teamwork Tuesday posts, so who better to write about to start me back up than Brent? Brent has always stuck out to me because of how sweet he looks in his photos. Brent has already been transferred but no one would know that by looking at his beaming picture. Most of the kids when transferred look defeated, malnourished and neglected. Brent looks like he is still full of life! I guess it's no surprised that Brent is the orphanage favorite, who wouldn't love this little boy?

Brent's medical records note that he has severe mental retardation,  Down syndrome, displastic cardiopathy (О.О.О.) converging strabismus and post-tuberculosis neuro-sclerosis. He is considered lower functioning but I think a loving family can change that. I think any family would be so lucky to have this adorable 7 year old in their family.

If you would like to donate to Brent's grant here is the link. I should add that Brent has a sizeable grant, it's sitting at a little over $10,000.  He has many people rallying and fundraising for him, I'm sure his future family will have no problems finding fundraising helpers.