Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 has started off great for us. I started school back up after taking a nice quarter off. Darin has moved off a med/surg ward onto a nice admin floor (something he's been wanting for a while.) Davin has started talking a ton, and Peyton is running around everywhere! I cant wait to see what this year will bring! Maybe a baby overseas? A girl can only hope!
Daddy and his daddy's boys. (Big time daddy's boy)
I wish my little Davin was still a mama's boy.

Daddy teaching Davin how to color.

Davin loves cheering on his brother. :)

They always try to call daddy when hes at work.

even if its not with a phone.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye 2008.

New Years kiss!!!

Happy New Years

Me and my best friend Christina.

Jeff, Christina, Me and Darin.

Our future QB

Zoo Lights 2008

They play so well with mama

We got the boys 2 Elmo chairs and only Davin will sit in it.

Reece's Rainbow

I was hoping Santa would bring me a special little girl from Reece's Rainbow but she found a family of her own I believe. Family and friends know how badly I want to adopt a child with DS. I'm not convinced that our family is complete quit yet. Until it is I'll keep praying.