Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby makes 5!

I'm happy to finally announce that after a year of trying we are finally expecting our 3rd baby making it the 5th Beckwith family member! I guess this is why god found a family for little Victoria. Our baby is Due the beginning of Feb of 2010 but I will be delivering it via C-section late Jan most likely. We dont know if its a boy or girl yet, but we do know that theres only 1 in there now. So far the pregnancy hasn't been too terrible, a breeze compared to the twins but still suffered from morning sickness. :( Darin was a big help and am so glad he hasnt been deployed this time around. He wakes up every morning he doesnt work and takes care of the boys for me so I can sleep in. For 3 months straight he cooked me breakfast since I was too sick to make anything, even though It never stayed down it was the thought that counted.
The baby is measuring correctly for its gestational age and everything. I get my second part of the Sequential Screening done in a couple weeks to rule out chromosomal defects (which we all know I would see as a blessing!) We do know that this pregnancy is high risk again. Our baby this time around has a single umbilical artery which can cause some heart and kidney problems. But I have a few friends that experienced this with their babies and they are completely healthy so I am not too worried about it. On a positive note I get more ultrasounds than the average!

This is me at 15 weeks. I looked back and this is about the size I was with the twins around 11ish weeks! I'm glad my belly won't be freakishly huge this time around! This will be the last time I'll ever be 15 weeks pregnant. We are hoping to only adopt after this little peanut!