Tuesday, June 30, 2009

O Ke Aloha Ka'iu

This years family family vacation took us to Oahu, HI! It was the best family vacation we have had so far. We stayed for 7nights, 8days right on the Waikiki beach, then went straight to SLC Utah to visit Darins family. Although the flights were very long, the boys did great! I have to say the portable DVD players are a life saver. While we were in Hawaii I think we did every possible touristee thing possible since it was Darin and the boys first time there. The boys loved going to the beach everyday and splashing in the water, and now that were back home in WA they still try and get into the freezing Puget Sound. lol

Such handsome little beach boys.

A true daddys boy. He was glued to his daddy most of the trip even when daddy was trying to get a little sun.

Me and Peyton enjoying the water.

Didnt really think he was going to take a picture.

Our visit to the Pearl Harbor site.

Of course we had to go to Davins favorite restaurant Hooters. Hes only 18 months but he sure knows when were at Hooters.

Davin wasnt shy about making friendly with the hawaiian girls. He actually wouldnt come back to us for quite some time after this picture was taken. It was also in front of a very large audience so he put on quite a show.

On the Waikiki strip.

Davin and I at the Halona Blowhole. Davin loved the wind!

The Beckwith family in Hawaii!

We got to meet up with a very close high school friend of mine and got to finally meet her gorgeous kids, Elle and Rocky in Salt Lake City, UT.

Peyton preferred riding on the suitcase instead of his stroller.