Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday ~ Isaiah 3G

Isaiah is an adorable 5 1/2 year old boy with Down syndrome. He has light brown hair and pretty gray eyes. When I look at Isaiah's picture I see endless possibilities and so much potential. Where is his family? So many children around his age face being transferred to a mental institution, I pray that his family finds him soon. A mental institution is no place for a child like Isaiah.

Here's some general information regarding adoption within the region Isaiah is currently in:
  • 3 trips
  • Both parents for 2 weeks
  • Wait 2-3 months for court
  • Both parents travel for 2nd trip
  • 30 day wait period after court, one parent returns 
  • No family size restrictions
  • Both parents must be younger than 60 years
  • Total program fees under $25,000, plus travel expenses
  • Fee includes a $500 orphanage donation
  • Married couples and single mothers may apply
If you are interested in more information for Isaiah please contact Reece's Rainbow. He has a sizeable amount in his fund already, the more we can donate the better the chances are that a family will commit to him. Please share his page if you cannot commit or donate.
Isaiah 3G

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