Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teamwork Tuesday ~ Arina P

Arina P will be 6 years old soon from Eastern Europe. She has big brown eyes, brown hair and is described as being calm in nature. Arina has down syndrome and lucky for her, she doesn't have any heart conditions. Her medical records do note that she has "bacterial difference" in her kidneys. She is also allergic to eggs, citrus fruit and red vegetables. Her Reece's Rainbow profile states that her kidney dysfunction may be a reaction to eating the items she is allergic to. She will need to see a specialist when she gets home to address those problems along with getting corrective glasses since she is farsighted. Arina is such a beautiful little girl, let's get her a family for her 6th birthday. I couldn't think of a better gift!
She has over 7k in her grant, if you would like to add to that or check out her profile please click  Here's some more information on adoptions for her area:
  • 4 trips
  • 1st trip, Both parents for 5-7 days
  • Wait 2-3 months for court
  • 2nd trip, both parents for 5 days for court, both go home
  • 3rd and 4th trip are short, only one parent has to travel
  • No more than 5 children at home, experience with Down syndrome preferred
  • Both parents must be younger than 60 years
  • Total program fees under $25,000, plus travel expenses
  • Fee includes a $1000 orphanage donation
  • Married couples and single mothers may apply

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