Saturday, April 21, 2012


There is a sweet young girl named Sarah who is in DIRE need of a family to commit to her. If a family doesn't commit to her in the next week or two her file will go back. It will just show her country that she in fact isn't wanted or valued. We all know this isn't the case. Her family just hasn't found her yet but time is not on our side. She is in such a HORRIBLE horrific place, her family needs to find her now. They need to save her. Look at her, look at how alone she is, look at how hurt she is, look at her tears. No child should have to live like this.

Look at how happy she can be. She would be an amazing addition to any family.
If you are considering to commit to her, if you feel in any way she is yours please contact Reece's Rainbow. You have no idea the amount of support you would receive in raising funds if that's what is needed to get this process going. Sarah's Reece's Rainbow Profile

More photos and information on Sarah

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