Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Chance for Chandler Giveaway!

No child should ever have to live their life as an orphan or see the walls of a mental institution. Every orphan deserves a chance at life and luckily Chandler has that chance now that his family has found him. The Marble family is committed to bringing home their son who is in Eastern Europe right now but they need help getting him home. If we don't step up and help bring Chandler home he faces what many special needs orphans face in that part of the world, being institutionalized where he would be confined to a crib until his dying day.  We can't let that happen! This amazingly adorable little boy needs to be home with his forever family as soon as possible so he can enjoy his new life.

The Marbles are an amazing military family of 8. Michelle is an Air Force Veteran and her husband David is Active Duty Air Force who is currently deployed. What I find amazing is that they have 6 children, the youngest having Down syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease and have decided to adopt another beautiful little boy with Down syndrome all while David is deployed. I think that alone shows what an amazingly selfless family they are. They live their lives serving our country and even in the most stressful of times they are commited to serving our God.

This Giveaway will run from April 1st until May 1st. Winners will be chosen from a random online generator and will be posted within the first week of May.
$5= 2 chances
$10= 5 chances
$50= 25 chances
$100= 50 chances

For every share on Facebook/Twitter/Blog post= 1 chance

To donate please donate to either the ChipIn or the Reece's Rainbow FSP link both located on the top left corner of this blog. I'd like to note that all donations made through the Reece's Rainbow donation box set up for Chandler will be tax-deductable. All donations made through the ChipIn are not tax-deductable but these are the funds that will be available for the family prior to travel.

Please leave a comment below with your entries and what your first choice item is.

Any necklace of the winner's choice.

Matryoshka Nesting Doll Earrings

Cute Candy Earrings

Air Force Deployment Countdown Blocks

Any Stencil of winner's choice up to $50.00
Cutting Edge Stencils

Orb of Sky Necklace
Woodbury Wares

Hand Crochet Owl Hat
Donated by Tara H.

Donated by Kristi A.
Scentsy Warmer and Home Sweet Home Bars

Zebra Boots up to size 15 months
Peachy Keen Hair

Headband of winner's choice
Peachy Keen Hair

Necklace of winner's choice

All 3 items Donated by Priscilla M.
Love Conquers All
Fabric Covered Bow Holder

A flower hairbow/headband combo in pink, green, yellow, orange, or purple

 Handmade Tutu

Fairys Tiptoe Dress 3months- 6 years.

2 oz Salve in any scent of winners choice
Cupcake Kisses

Matryoshka Peasan Dress (12m -4t)Valeriya
Matryoshka Skirt
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Silpada Design
Donated by Tanya Robinson

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”
- Mother Teresa

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver"
-Maya Angelou


Ashley said...

I shared on Facebook and Twitter :)

Leah said...

shared on facebook, first choice would be the scentsy of course.

MommaofMany said...

I shared on my blog:

Randi said...

Patricia, I just posted on my blog, and will share on my personal and blog Facebook pages. Thank you for contacting me, I wish there was more I could do to spread word of this wonderful cause!

(I am really just posting to help you spread the word, but I'd have to say my top choice would be the Scentsy, followed closely by the necklace!)

Best of luck to you!

Allen and Carrie said...

We LOVE Chandler! Thanks for doing this. I will pass along. My first choice would have to be the Maytroshka dress for my newest little bean!

Beth said...

Donated. I LOVE Chandler - he is so impossibly cute. The prizws that appeal to me most are the booties, the owl hat and the stencil.

Jenn said...

Donated & will share on facebook. Praying they can bring him home soon.

Hansina said...

Donated $25. Would love the Matryoshka dress!

Cilla said...

chipped in $10, I'm loving the leopard print boots! lol

Cilla said...

donated $10 more to FSP...i REALLY want those boots....LOL

Allen and Carrie said...

I just donated another $10. I don't understand why this didn't catch on- great little gifts here. I will share on FB too! Praying for more response!

Christina Scott said...

I shared on facebook and donated $10. I like the boots and scentcy the best.

Sarah said...

Shared on facebook :)
Sarah (adopting "Heather"/Caroline)

Kellan's momma said...

I'm sending a check to RR with $10 designated for the Marble family! And shared on FB!!
Christina Schye

catvinnat said...

just donated $10, sorry it couldn't be more

Sarah said...

Finally got paypal to work! Donated $20 to their fsp...I love the matryoshka dress. :)

Chandres said...

Michelle was one of the first to donate to our family when we began our adoption, and I am so excited to support their adoption now! I donated $50 (wish it could be more, but I'm in the middle of fundraising myself), and I'd love to have the stencil!

Kate said...

Just seeing this! Cant donate or share from my phone but will as soon as I get home tonight!

Kate said...

just saw this! donated $10 and shared on facebook on "MY forever family" page (my page =-)) God bless you!! my email is Katehamernik 'at'

Kellan's momma said...

Ok my check is in the mail, haha! No really, it is! And I donated $20 total to the Marbles and Chandler!
Christina Schye