Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A shower for the newest 5 Unroe's

A sweet friend of mine Colleen is hosting a virtual shower for one of the most amazing families I know, the Unroe's. The Unroe's have 5 little ones coming home in a few short weeks and are still a little short on funds. Amanda Unroe is one of the most giving women I know, she is the first to give to others fundraisers and will spread awareness to other families before her own. Since she is such a great support to other fundraisers and families I think people forget to ask how her funding is coming along. That's why I am so glad there are people like Colleen to host such a unique fundraiser to benefit families like the Unroe's.

Here are the 5 newest Unroe's. Just a warning, there is some major "cuteness" packed into these 5 pictures:

 Here is the link to the shower Colleen is holding for the Unroe's.

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